Welcome to Gloom Design

Gloom Design is an independent studio making game for the love of making games. We focus on the fun element of games. Being an independent studio gives us creative freedom, as we believe that small teams with talented, passionate people create the best games. Games are not only important to us, they are our life.

Late in 2014 Gloom was selected to attain funding from the Malta Digital Games Funds. Currently the studio is working on a game named Gloom.

Gloom is a 2D platform side-scrolling adventure game, located on the Maltese islands, where a darkness named Gloom has cast a darkness over the entire inhabitants, depriving energy to all living things. With all hope lost, the megalithic temples of Hagar Qim have unleashed its secret. A magical and mysterious creature, kept dormant for thousands of years has been summoned. You, as the Player, control this magical and mysterious creature. The aim is to restore order, overcoming obstacles, and bringing life back into the Maltese towns. Using Unity game engine, the game depicts the beauty in Maltese architecture, landscape and history in 2D form.